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What is Kosmosk?

Kosmosk is enchanting world created by artist Kaustubh Kamat where mesmerizing glass sculptures are brought to life through meticulously painted layers of glass.

Kosmosk is about the romance between temporary and forever. In this delicate union, ephemeral passion finds solace in the embrace of everlasting love, creating a tapestry of emotions that endure beyond the boundaries of time.

A skillful merger of art, tech & craftsmanship

Kosmosk is an uplifting sculptural experience created with sincere passion and perseverance.

Driven by the pursuit of the extraordinary and timeless, I aim to leave a transcendent mark, a legacy that echoes through generations, a timeless greeting for the future.

Look into your heart.

NFTs in collab with Leons Digital.

Digital spatial heart sculptures on the block chain.


“Tapas” is a Sanskrit word used to describe the diligence which is essential for maintaining a yogic practice. Tapas is derived from the root word “tap” meaning “to burn”, and has been translated as heat, fire, unwavering zeal, and passion. Tapas may be understood as the will to cleanse oneself by burning away impurities through regular practice. We all have fire in our hearts, and this sculpture reminds us to keep it lit at its brightest!

Mind Shift

Most complex, most sophisticated and most amazing minds are destroyed by madness when they are not aligned with their respective bodies. Align them well and the magic happens. This sculpture is born out of one of my personal pursuits to get them all aligned in tune to play life well. It’s all within our hearts and we can do it.

Ephemeral portal

Made with countless butterflies forming a portal like space at the centre with 13 powerful mandala motifs wishes to remind us that time is fleeting and while it’s relative we have very less time to transcend but it’s possible and the universe will make it’s way for us if only we want to. Take a deep breathe and just pass through it.
Limited Edition

Crown of Consciousness

Vermilion Ganesha represents the spiritual ascendancy of mankind. Only in happy and content mind, the thought of transcendence can culminate opening the supreme thousand-petaled lotus flower in our forehead. By His presence and vibration, may He orient our minds towards the truth, peace and love.